Basmati rice is a long-grain and scented rice and when literally translated from Hindi it means "queen of scents"or "pearl of scents". It is an aromatic long grain slender rice from India and Pakistan, is fragrant and has a nutty flavor. It is the world’s best rice one can use for cooking. Basmati Rice is a non-glutinous rice that has been cultivated at the foot of the Himalayan mountain ranges for centuries. The rivers Yamuna and Ganga feed the fields. For centuries it has been exported to the Arab countries and many of the Arab traditional rice dishes are cooked with long grained Basmati rice. This Basmati rice originates from India's Basmati seeds. Prized for its aromatic qualities, this unique rice fills many home with the fragrance of popping corn while it cooks. The delightful popcorn fragrance and flavor is natural to this aromatic rice. Nothing was added to this rice and no special steps are needed to achieve this special aroma and flavor. It looks and cooks just like other long grain rice'sm but is one of the most flavorful rice's to be ever tasted by man. Basmati Rice is used for the following: 1. Used in Rice Pilafs of Middle Eastern and Indian origin 2. Used in the Biryanis of India 3. Makes excellent plain boiled rice 4. Not very good for puddings, burgers or any dish where the rice is not displayed whole. For such dishes parboiled rice or short grained rice is preferred. Cooking Hints: Basmati rice can be boiled in water with fresh herbs for perfumed rice dish or just add ghee to the water to enhance its nutty aroma and double your rice dinning experience. Add some whole spices, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and beans or meats and even fish to the rice and make a rice dish into a main meal. Notes : Basmati rice is known as the queen of rice. It is long grained, non-glutinous and particularly good for formal rice cooking. Basmati Rice is a simple grain yet throughout history it has been on royal menus of various cultures as the main dish. From the pilav of Turkey, polou of Persia, pilafs of the Steppes, the Isotos and Paellas of the Mediterranean, to the pilau and Biryanis of India it has been served to great sultans, maharajahs, shah’s and emperors. Spices, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and herbs are great with Basmati rice. Basmati rice transforms rice dishes into extraordinary meals.

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