Glossary J

The food glossary +++ 'Jaggery', 'Juusto', 'Jing leed'
Jambuli refer to Bhutan's flat wheat noodles, resembling tagliatelli, and flavored with a mixture of Thinye (Sichuan pepper) and chillies.

Jasip refers to beaten rice which is one of the common snacks in Bhutan.

Jamalac refers to a smooth-skinned, soft-skinned, cone-shaped fruit which tastes like an apple which is a favorite of both local children and the local tortoises. Jamalac is one of the most popular local fruit found in Seychelles. Seychelles consist of an archipelago of about 100 islands in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar.

Jiaozi refer to dumplings which is served in the north of China at the Spring Festival and other special occassions. In China, special occasions and large family gatherings usually entail big and elaborate meals and special foods/dishes like Jiaozi.

Jenever refers to a strong Dutch gin which is served in a small glass full to the brim. Moreover, Jenever refers to the local spirit from the Netherlands made with juniper berries and sometimes called Dutch gin. Jenevers is normally taken straight and chilled as a chaser with a glass of beer, but it is sometimes drunk with cola or vermouth. It is also used in "tall" drinks and it comes in many varieties, depending on the spices used

Jajeek refers to Iraq's food made of cucumber and yoghurt which is served as an appetizer. Jajeek is also an appetizer that is common in the Middle East. Jajeek is made by throroughly combining finely chopped cucumber, yoghurt, garlic, finely chopped mint, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Jajeek must be chilled before serving.