Glossary J

The food glossary +++ 'Jaggery', 'Juusto', 'Jing leed'
Japchae -bokkeum-deopbap refers to a Korean dish made of rice topped with rice topped with stir-fried noodles with vegetables

Jeongol refers to Korean hot pot - a dish made of broth, meat, vegetables , and a variety of seasonings and spices cooked at the table in a wide, shallow pot. Jeongol also refers to a large hot pot stew. Jeongol is available in several varieties, depending on the ingredients, among them are: 1. Bullak-Jeongol - a bulgogi and baby octopus hot pot 2. Chadolbagi-Yeongyang-Jeongol - beef brisket and vegetables hot pot 3. Gopchang-Jeongol - spicy beef tripe hot pot 4. Haemul-Jeeoseot-Jeongol - seafood and mushroom hot pot 5. Kalguksu-Jeongol - hand-rolled noodle hot pot 6. Modum-Jeongol - assorted beef and vegetables hot pot 7. Ojingeo-Jeongol - squid casserole 8. Sogogi-Beoset-Guksu-Jeongol - beef mushroom and noodle hot pot 9. Sogogi-Beoset-Jeongol - beef and mushroom hot pot 10. Songi-Jeongol - pine mushroom hot pot

Jatjuk (Pine nut porridge) . It is a Korean porridge made by boiling finely ground pine nuts and rice flour or soaked rice in water. It is seasoned with salt and garnished with pine nuts and sliced jujubes. Jatjuk has been regarded as a quality food in Korea because of its rich and creamy taste Jatjuk is made from short -grain rice, pine nuts, water, salt

Jeoneohoe refers to a Korean dish of raw gizzard shad. Gizzard shad (Dorosoma) is a variety of marine and freshwater fish. Hoe is a Korean dish of raw fish. Jeoneohoe which is also called Jeone-Ohoe (Raw gizzard shad fish) is one of the popular foods from Masan. Masan has an abundant seafood hence, it provides various dishes of raw fish according to each season all year round. During autumn, many tourists are visiting Masan to enjoy Jeoneo-Hoe Festival held in Masan Fish Market. Masan City is located in the southern central of Gyeongsangnam-do Masan bay, southeast of the Korean Peninsula.

Jindallaesul (Azalea Liquor) refers to a Korean sweet liquor made by adding Azalea petals and sugar to Soju . Jindallaesul is also called Dugyeonju

Jerk refers to a Jamaican fiery, spicy seasoning blend used in the preparation of grilled foods, especially pork or chicken. It usually includes chilies, thyme, allspice, garlic and onions.