Glossary J

The food glossary +++ 'Jus lie', 'Jalapeño', 'Jing leed'
Jerk refers to a Jamaican fiery, spicy seasoning blend used in the preparation of grilled foods, especially pork or chicken. It usually includes chilies, thyme, allspice, garlic and onions.
Joseon also called Joseon Ganjang refers to soy sauce in Korea. Joseon Ganjang is thin and dark brown in color, is made entirely of soy and brine, and has a saltiness that varies depending on its producer. Joseon is a by-product of the production of Doenjang, the Korean fermented soybean paste.

Jamonera refers to a special solid wooden implement with a clamp which is used to hold on Jamon Serrano which is ready to be cut and served. Simply put, it is a Jamon Serrano solid wooden stand, a nice wooden implement to hold on the whole Jamon Serrano, a perfect party conversation piece.

- Ji?ozi / Jiaozi : - Ji?ozi / Jiaozi :

Ji?ozi / Jiaozi refer to China's dumplings which  are cooked in various ways: boiled, fried, steamed, simmered, and even baked. Ji?ozi  are served on their own accompanied by various sauces or included in soups. Ji?ozi  are found all over China, but more popular in the Northern regions of the country. They are sold as street foods and are also served in restuarants in various ways.

Jok refers to Thai rice porridge with ground pork, fresh ginger and green onion. Sometimes, egg is also added.

Jamón de Trevelez refers to a Spanish ham that is cured in the snow of the high mountain ranges around Granada . This is the best known specialty from Granada.

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