Glossary L

Lombok Merah is a red chili used in Malaysian cooking.

Lombok Rewat refers to a very, very hot chile used in Malaysian cooking.

Lomi Lomi Salmon refers to a Hawaiian dish of diced salmon, tomatoes and onion. Alway order Lomi Lomi Salmon, but not "Lomi" as Lomi refers to a Hawaiian style of massage.

Lomo Montado refers to a Bolivian dish made of fried tenderloin steak, pan-fried with an egg. It is served with rice and fried plantains as a main meal.

Lonac refers to a stew in the Balkans which is made of meat, vegetables , and spices simmered in an earthenware casserole dish.

London Broil refers to a marinated, boneless beef flank generally served cut on a slant.