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The food glossary +++ 'Lathorigano', 'Lomi', 'Labong'

Longganisa is the Philippines very own traditional savory sausage made from a mixture of ground pork, lots of crushed garlic and spices. 

Longganisa is one of the traditional dish served during breakfast, but can also be served for lunch and dinner, including snacks for those who eat rice for snacks. 

Pictures below show the uncooked or fresh and cooked Longganisa and how they are sometimes sold on the streets  in the Philippines together with Tocino.

Fresh/Uncooked Longganisa

Cooked Longganisa

Only in the Philippines - a fresh meat vendor in San Pablo City, Laguna selling fresh/uncooked Longganisa and Tocino, complete with his weighing scale. Unbelievable!

Laminated pastries are those made with puff pastry, or pastry rolled with layers of butter, examples are Hopia of the Philippines and pastries from Kerala, India called Puffs.


Puffs from Kerala, India


Puffs from Kerala, India


Meat Puffs - Food from Kerala, India

Here is the alphabetic list of fish which is common in Kerala, India translated from Malayalam to English.

Malayalam is the language used in Kerala, India.

Below are some of interesting photos of village life in Kerala and photos of assorted fish common in Kerala. 





 Aakoli – Silver Moony

Aiyla – Mackerel

Aiykoora – King Fish / Wahoo / King Mackarel

Avoli – Pomfret

Choora – Tuna



Kaari – Catfish

Kadal Kuthira -  Sword Fish

Kannambu – Mullet

Kannava – Squid

Kari Meen – Pearl Spot/ Green Chromide

Killi Meen – Threadfin bream

Kolaan – Garfish or Pipefish

Koori/Vaari – Mystus

Kora / Kaala – Salmon

Kozhuva – Indian Anchovy

Mathi/Chaala – Sardine

Mushi – Silurus/Cat Fish

Netholi – Anchovy

Ney Meen – Seer Fish / Queen Fish

Nangu – Sole Fish

Paalla – Surgeon Fish

Parava -  False trevally

PooMeen – Milk Fish

Rohu – Reba

Sheelavu – Barracuda

Thilopia/Kerala Karimeen – Tilapia

Thirandi – Stingray

Vaalla – Wallago / Knife Fish

Varaal – Snake Head

Vatta -  Bluefin trevally



Personal Note:

Kerala, India was one of the places I visited and India and to live there for a month and see their culture, particularly their food made me so curious about everything about their cuisine and food (dishes) and drinks. 


 Below is a picture of a fish market in Allepey, Kerala, India. Although there are some raodside makeshift fish markets and fish peddlers using bikes



Lángos also spelled Langos refers to a Hungarian traditional bread.

Please see article entitled Langos for more information. Below is a picture of salty/savory Langos which was one of the food sold during the 2015 Bremen Freimarkt, an annual Festival held in the City of Bremen, Germany.

This is a salty/savory Lángos which is topped by garlic butter then grated cheese. It maybe so fatty, but so delicious just the same.


Luwombo refers to Uganda's stew made from meat, vegetables or fish steamed in banana leaves

Lazat is Malysian word which means delicious or tasty.

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