Glossary L

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Deutsch: Nackte Frühlingsrollen / Español: Rollitos de primavera desnudos / Português: Rolinhos primavera nus / Français: Rouleaux de printemps nus / Italiano: Involtini primavera nudi

Lumpiang Hubad in the food context refers to a Filipino dish that translates to "naked spring rolls." This version of lumpia presents the traditional filling of a spring roll without the wrapping and frying, serving the mixture of vegetables and sometimes meat or seafood directly on a plate or as a salad. The dish usually consists of a variety of stir-fried vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, green beans, and bean sprouts, and it may include ingredients like tofu, shrimp, or ground pork. Lumpiang Hubad is often garnished with crushed peanuts and served with a sweet and savory garlic sauce, making it a lighter, healthier alternative to the traditional fried lumpia.

Deutsch: Gemüse-Frühlingsrollen / Español: Rollitos primavera de verduras / Português: Rolinhos primavera de legumes / Français: Rouleaux de printemps aux légumes / Italiano: Involtini primavera di verdure

Lumpiang Gulay in the food context refers to a Filipino dish consisting of vegetable spring rolls. These rolls are made by wrapping a mixture of stir-fried vegetables in a thin pastry wrapper and then frying them until crispy. The vegetable filling typically includes ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, green beans, and bean sprouts, seasoned with garlic, onions, and soy sauce. Lumpiang Gulay is a popular snack or appetizer in the Philippines and can also serve as a side dish for meals.

Deutsch: Lollo Rosso / Español: Lollo Rosso / Português: Lollo Rosso / Français: Lollo Rosso / Italiano: Lollo Rosso

Lollo Rosso in the food context refers to a variety of lettuce known for its frilly, deep red-edged leaves. It falls under the category of leaf lettuce, similar to Lollo Bionda, which has green leaves. Lollo Rosso is celebrated for its mild, slightly bitter taste and its crisp, yet tender texture. This lettuce variety is not only appreciated for its flavor but also for its decorative appearance, making it a popular choice in salads and as a garnish to add color and volume.

Deutsch: Linsen-Gebratener Reis / Español: Arroz frito con lentejas / Português: Arroz frito com lentilhas / Français: Riz frit aux lentilles / Italiano: Riso fritto con lenticchie

Lentils Fried Rice in the food context refers to a dish that combines cooked lentils and rice, stir-fried together with various seasonings, vegetables, and sometimes meats or seafood. This dish is a hearty, nutritious meal that merges the rich proteins and fibers of lentils with the comforting texture of fried rice. Lentils, being a staple legume in many cultures around the world, offer a versatile and healthful addition to fried rice, infusing the dish with additional flavors, textures, and nutritional benefits.

Deutsch: Gegrillter Schweinebauch / Español: Panceta de cerdo asada / Português: Barriga de porco assada / Français: Poitrine de porc rôtie / Italiano: Pancetta di maiale arrosto

Lechong Liempo in the food context refers to a Filipino dish that consists of roasted or grilled pork belly, prepared in the style of traditional lechon, which is a whole roasted pig. The dish captures the essence of lechon with its crispy skin and tender, flavorful meat, but it focuses specifically on the pork belly portion, making it more accessible and practical for everyday cooking compared to roasting a whole pig.

Deutsch: Gebratenes Schwein / Español: Lechón asado / Português: Leitão assado / Français: Cochon de lait rôti / Italiano: Maiale arrosto

Lechong Baboy in the food context refers to a traditional Filipino dish of roasted whole pig. It is renowned for its crispy skin and tender, flavorful meat, making it a centerpiece at many celebrations, festivals, and special occasions in the Philippines. The process of preparing Lechong Baboy involves seasoning the pig with a mixture of spices and ingredients, then slowly roasting it over an open flame for several hours until the skin achieves a golden, crispy texture and the meat becomes succulent and juicy.