Glossary L

The food glossary +++ 'Lampone', 'Lechon Paksiw', 'Lomo-Lomo'
Long Beans refers to an exotic bean resembling a giant string bean. Long Beans have a mild flavor, but they are not a bean at all, but a member of the black eyed pea family.

Loup de Mer is the French for "Sea bass", a kind of fish.

Libyan Asida refers to a Arabic dish served with rub and molten sheep ghee ; the traditional way to eat libyan Asida is to do so using the index and middle fingers.

Lemon Balm refers to a lemon scented herb with mint-like leaves which is generally used to brew an aromatic tea and to flavour salads, meats and poultry.

Loksinu Su Aguonais refers to a Lithuanian dish which is composed of egg noodles that are served with poppy seeds, brown sugar, honey and blanched almonds. Loksinu Su Aguonais is a national dish of Lithuania

Lomi Lomi Salmon refers to a Hawaiian dish of diced salmon, tomatoes and onion. Alway order Lomi Lomi Salmon, but not "Lomi" as Lomi refers to a Hawaiian style of massage.