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Deutsch: Gebratene Zwiebel / Español: Cebolla quemada / Português: Cebola queimada / Français: Oignon brulé / Italiano: Cipolla bruciata /

Oignon brule is a French word which literally means "burnt onion".

Oshi zushi is a Japanese term which means "pressed sushi"

Deutsch: Pikante Zwiebel / Español: Cebolla picante / Português: Cebola picante / Français: Oignon pique / Italiano: Cipolla piccante /

Oignon pique is a French culinary term which literally means pricked onion.

Orgliettas are plaits of pastry drizzled in honey.

Oeufs chantilly a French term that literally means "eggs chantilly", that refers to eggs poached and placed on pastry cases that was filled with creame pureed green peas and coated with mousseline sauce
Oot-ni is the Burmese word for "Carrot". It is also called Oot-wah in Burmese

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