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Omija Hwachae is Omija fruit punch. Omija Hwachae is one of the popular traditional Korean drinks for summer. It is made of the fruit herb Omija, which literally means "five-flavor fruit” as the herb has five (5) tastes - it is sweet, bitter, sour, hot, and spicy. When dried and soaked, the herb generates a pink juice. Omija is widely used in Korean foods ranging from traditional drinks to sweets. It quenches thirst, increases energy, loosens phlegm, and stops diarrhea and perspiration. Omija Hwachae is one of the cold foods that offer coolness and nutrition during summer To make Omija Hwachae, the sieved water of dried and soaked Omija fruit is used. Sugar and honey are added to the sieved water . Slices of pear or other fruits and pieces of pine nuts are also added to the water to complete the punch.

Otap is a flaky sweetened oval-shaped biscuit drizzled with sugar. It is one of the best contributions of Cebu in Philippine cuisine.

Oliebollen refer to Netherland's version of donuts, but without holes. Oliebollen is a Dutch term that literally means "oil balls". It is a traditional Dutch snacks which is available anytime and anywhere in the country, although they are mostly enjoyed during the New Year.

Oliebollen can be made with raisins and currants and are called Krentenbollen and even some bits and pieces of apples. They are served warm drizzeled with powdered sugar and sometimes ground cinnamon.

Here I was in Amsterdam to ring New Year 2013 and enjoying these traditional Dutch Donuts called Oliebollen and Krentenbollen. I am truly blessed to spend New Year with my cousin and her friends over the warm Oliebollen.

Ollebrød refers to a traditional dish from Denmark that is made of rye bread, sugar and non-alcoholic beer.

Orme refers to an Appetizer drink from Albania made from fermented cabbage, similar to the juice from sauerkraut.

Omble Chevalier à la Genevoise refers to a famous dish from the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland which is made of Omble (chevalier), Arctic char (fingerling/grayling) from the Lac Leman on the French/Swiss border. Omble chevalier à la Genevoise is served with the famous Sauce Genevoise, a delicate local sauce made from sparkling white wine, fresh herbs and spices, butter and a drop of cream.

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