Glossary O

The food glossary +++ 'Oignon pique', 'Oignon brule', 'Okra'

Onion Pique refers to a peeled, raw onion that is studded, pricked or pierced with bay leaves and cloves. Onion Pique is a simple way to flavor the sauces and the soups. It is also used as one of the ingredients of  Bechamel sauce , one of the mother sauces in French cuisine.

Oloolo refers to a Samoan dish made of grated green bananas which is mixed with cocoanut milk and then baked.

One of my daughter's wedding presents was an oven  toaster. Soon after the honeymoon, she and her husband tried it out. Almost immediately, smoke billowed out of the toaster. "Get the owner's manual!" her husband shouted.
"I can't find it anywhere!" she cried, searching through the box.
"Oops!" came a voice from the kitchen. "Well, the toast is fine, but the Owner's Manual is burnt to a crisp."

Oka I'a or Oka is defined in several ways: it is a lime-marinated tuna, raw fish in coconut cream, or seafood salad. However, it is defined, it is a very tasty and simple dish to make

Oromo refers to mats of dough filled with cabbage, small bits of meat and onions, then they are rolled into a roullette and cooked in a special pan. It is one of the specialties of

Ot Bpah'aim is Khmer which means "not sweet", a useful phrase to say when ordering drinks which should be "not sweet"