English: Sauteed / Deutsch: Angebraten / Español: Salteado / Português: Refogado / Français: Sauté / Italiano: Saltato /

Pasingaw is a Filipino term which means steaming fish, shellfish or meats. It is also know as pasingawan.

Pasingaw involves steaming fish, shellfish, or meats with various seasonings and aromatics. The process of pasingaw helps to retain the natural flavors and nutrients of the ingredients, while also creating a moist and tender texture. Here are some examples of dishes that are prepared using pasingaw:

  1. Pasingaw na Tilapia: This dish features tilapia that is steamed with ginger, garlic, onions, and tomatoes. It is often served with a side of steamed vegetables and rice.

  2. Pasingaw na Hipon: This is a popular shrimp dish that is steamed with lemongrass, onions, tomatoes, and chili peppers. It is often served with a dipping sauce made from vinegar, garlic, and soy sauce.

  3. Pasingaw na Manok: This is a chicken dish that is steamed with a variety of vegetables and seasonings, such as ginger, onions, and soy sauce. It is often served with a side of steamed rice.

  4. Pasingaw na Alimango: This is a crab dish that is steamed with garlic, ginger, onions, and chili peppers. It is often served with a dipping sauce made from vinegar, garlic, and soy sauce.

Pasingaw is a healthy cooking method that is popular in Filipino cuisine. It is often used to prepare seafood dishes, but can also be used for meats and vegetables. The steaming process helps to keep the ingredients moist and tender, while also creating a flavorful dish that is rich in nutrients.

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