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Ruy is another term for Pap used in Gambia which is usually served for breakfast. Most urban Gambians eat bread for breakfast, but others may also have Chura Gerrte or Chura Greteh (boiled maize, rice and peanuts or Ruy (pap), with added yoghurt or tinned milk.

Rock Salt refers to a crystalline form of salt that is mixed with cracked ice to freeze ice cream. Rock Salt is an unpurified salt, as dug from the mines. This is purified by boiling, etc, and crystallized by heat.

Rocoto Relleno refers to one of Peru's typical dish with meat, onions, peanuts, milk and eggs, everything baked inside of the delicious Rocoto (pepper), with potatoes and cheese.

Romano refer to hard cheeses which are generally made from cow, goat or sheep's milk. Romano which have firm texture, are ideal for grating or shaving into pizzas and pasta dishes to add flavor.. Romano is a variety of cheeses, namely: (1) Pecarino Romano which is made from sheep's milk. This variety has a very firm texture, a pale yellow color and a fruity, salty, sharp flavour. (2) Caprino Romano is a very sharp cheese made from goat's milk (3) Vacchino Romano is a mild cheese made from cow's milk. If not available, Romano can be subsitited with the following cheeses: Asiago, Manchego, Parmesan or Schabzieger

Ricci di Mare is the Italina name for raw sea urchin roe which is popular for making both sushi and pasta dishes. Ricci di Mare is also known in Japan as Uni.

Ragda Patty is one of the renowned food items in Maharashtra. Ragda refers to a spicy mash of potatoes and various lentils. This spiced potato cake with tangy chickpea curry garnished with chopped onions and cilantro is the quintessential fast food in Mumbai. In the streets of Mumbai, one can find street vendors serving up this hot dish along with several other fast food items.

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