Glossary V

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Varyonyi (???????) means "Boiled" in Russian

Vassoio del te is the Italian term for "tea tray", a big platter that accomodates tea set and on which tea is served

Vino da tavola is the Italian term for "table wine", a regular wine that is served at the dinner table. It is a wine containing not more than 14\% alcohol usually served with a meal.

Vino da pasto is the Italian term which literally means "meal/dinner wine", Pasto means meal/dinner in Italian. It refers to everday table wine usually served at dinner

Vino di riso is the Italian term for "rice wine", alcoholic beverages made from rice wine which can also be used for cooking
Viccillo is the Italian ring-shaped pasta filled with salami, mozzarella, and hard -boiled egg