Glossary V

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Vatapá refers to one of the popular foods from Northern Brazil. It is a spicy, delicious mixture of bread, shrimp, red pepper, ginger, peanuts, coconut milk, palm oil and onions.

Moreover, Vatapá refers to creamy paste that is popular in the North and Northeastern parts of the country where Vatapa is eaten with Acaraje (deep fried mashed black-eyed beans formed into a ball). It can also be prepared with white rice, and shrimps can be substituted by other meat like chicken, turkey or other fish like tuna.

Volaille is the French word for fowl or poultry; Poultry or game fowl, such as the Canard (duck), Poulet (Chicken), capon, coq (cockerel), oie (goose), pheasant, poissin, Dinde (turkey), etc. prepared as Consommé de Volaille, Filet de Volaille and Côtelettes de Volaille à la Dauphine among many other French Poutry or Fowl dishes

It is spring time, the weather is beautiful and for most of us, it is time for holidays, going on a trip, sometimes overseas. In view of this, we listed here food and cooking terms in six (6) languages to serve as your guide. We know that this list is incomplete, but we will try our best to publish some more, soon. Basic Food and Cooking Translations/Dictionary in Six (6) Languages

appetizer hor d' oeuvres Vorspeise antipasto Entremeses varlados pulutan
bacon lard de poctrine fume Speck pancetta tocino tocino/bacon
baked cuit au four gebacken al forno al horno hurno
beef boeuf Rindfleisch manzo vacca baka
beefsteak bifteck Beefsteak or Bifleck bistecca biftec bistek
boiled bouilli gekocht bollito hervido nilaga
bone os Knochen osso hueso buto
brains cervelle Hirn cervella sesos utak
breast sein Brust petto pecho picho
broiled grille geschmort alla griglia asarse inihaw
broth bouillon Kraftbrühe brodo caldo sabaw
butter beurre Butter burro mantequilla mantekilya
calf veau Kalb vitello ternero
cheese fromage Kase formaggio queso keso
choice de choix excellent scelto selecto
chopped hache gehackt tritato picado hiniwa
cold froid kalt freddo frio malamig
( to ) cook faire cuire kochen cucinare cocinar magluto
cooked cuit gekocht cotto cocinado luto
cream creme Sahne crema crema krema/cream
crust croute Kruste crosta corteza
cut morceau Schnitt taglio corte hiwa
cutlet escalope Kotelett cotoletta chuleta
dish mets Gericht piatto manjar Pagkain/ulam
dry (wine) sec trocken secco seco alak
eggs oeufs Eier uova huevo itlog
fat graisse Fett grasso grasa taba
filet or fillet filet Filet filetto felete
flour farine Mehl farina harina arina
fresh frais frisch fresco fresco sariwa
fried frit geröstet or gebraten fritto frito prito
garlic ail knoblauch aglio ajo bawang
gravy sauce or jus sosse sugo salsa sarsa/sawsawan
grilled grille gegrillt al ferri a la parrilla inihaw
half demi halb mezzo medio kalahati
ham jambon Schinken prosciutto jamon hamon
hamburger viande hachee Frikadelle ham burghese hamburguesa hamburger
hash hachis Gehacktes carne trita picadillo giniling
heart coeur Herz cuore corazon puso
heavy lourd schwer pesante pesado mabigat
homemade de la maison hausgemacht alla casalinga casero gawang bahay
horseradish raifort Meerrettich ravanello rabano picante labanos
hot chaud heiss caldo caliente mainit
kidneys rognons Nieren rognoni rinones lapay
lamb agneau Lammfleisch agnello cordero kordero
lean maigre magar magro magro laman
leg gigot; gigue Keule coscia pierna pata
lemon citron Zitrone limone limon dayap
liver foie Leber fegato higado atay
local du pays örtlich locale del pais lokal
meat viande Fleisch carne carne Karne
meatball boulette Fleischklößchen polpetta albondiga
medium a point gar a punto a Medio asar katamtaman
milk lait Milch latte leche gatas
mixed melange gemischt misto mixto halu-halo/sama-sama/magkakahalo
mushrooms champignons pilze funghi hongo kabuti/kabute
mustard moutarde Senf denape or mostarda mostaza mustasa
mutton mouton Hammelfleisch montone carnero
nut fruit sec; noix (walnut) Nuss noce nuez nuwes
oil huile Öl olio aceite mantika/langis
olive oil huile d' olive Olivenöl olio d' oliva aceite de oliva
onion oignon Zwiebel cipolla cebolla sibuyas
paprika paprika Pfefferschoten paprica pimenton
parsley persil petersillie prezzemolo perejil
pepper poivre pfeffer pepe pimienta paminta
pie tarte pastete torta pastel torta
plain simple einfach semplice sencillo karaniwan, simple, payak
poached poche verlorene in camicia escalfar
pork porc Schweinefleisch maiale or Carne di porco cerdo karne ng Baboy
potato pomme de terre Kartoffel patata patata patatas
rare saignant halbroh poco cotto poco asado malasado
raw cru roh crudo crudo hilaw
red wine vin rouge Rotwein vino rosso vino tinto
rib cote Rippe costola costilla tadyang
rice riz Reis riso arroz bigas
roasted roti gebraten arrosto asado inihaw
roast beef rosbif Rinderbraten rosbif rosbif inihaw na baka
salad salade Salat insalata ensalada ensalada/salad
salt sel Salz sale sal asin
sandwich sandwich belegtes Brot panino imbottito emparedado sandwich/emperadado
sauce sauce Sosse salsa salsa sarsa
sausage saucisse Wurst salsiccia salchicha longganisa
shoulder epaule Schulter spalla espalda balikat
sirloin faux-filet Lendenstück lombo solomillo lomo
slice tranche Schnitte fetta rebanada hiwa/piraso
smoked fume gerauchert affumicato ahumado tinapa
soup potage Suppe zuppa sopa sopas/sabaw
sour aigre sauer agro agrio maasim
spaghetti spaghetti Spaghetti spaghetti macarrones spaghetti
spicy piquant scharf piccante picante maanghang
steak entrecote or bifteck Rumsteak bistecca lonja bistek
stew ragout Ragout stufato guisado nilaga/sinigang
stuffed farci gefüllt farcito relleno relleno
sweet doux or sucre suss dolce dulce matamis
sweetbreads ris de veau Broschen animelle lechecillas
tenderloin filet Filet filetto filete lomo/solomilyo
thick epais dick spesso espeso makapal
thin mince dünn sottile delgado manipis
tomato tomate Tomate pomodoro tomate kamatis
tongue langue Zunge lingua lengua dila/lengua
veal veau Kalbfleisch vitello ternera
vegetable legume Gemüse vegetale, verdure, or legume legumbre gulay
vinegar vinaigre Essig aceto vinagre suka
well-done bien cuit durchgebraten ben cotto blen asado lutong-luto
white blanc weiss blanco blanco puti
whole entier ganz intero entero buo
wine vin Wein vino vino alak
young jeune jung glovane joven mura
Vaisu refers to Samoan typical dish of char-grilled fish in coconut cream

Vistos Sultinys refers to popular Lithuanian chicken soup

Vorspeise is a German word for starter or appetizers