Glossary V

Vierge sauce refers to a kind of sauce prepared with extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.In some cases, butter is also used instead of extra virgin olive oil.

Verjus/Verjuice refers to the acid juice extracted from large unripened grapes which is used as a substitute for lemon juice in sauces , as a condiment and in deglazing.
Vincotto refers to an Italian syrup made from cooking the musts of grapes. Vincotto is used in the same way as Balsamic vinegar.

Vandgrød refers to a traditional  porridge from Denmark usually barley porridge, made with water.

Vattalappam refers to a Sri Lankan sweets or desserts;  a rich egg custard made with palm sugar, coconut milk and cardamom.

Vatapá refers to one of the popular foods from Northern Brazil. It is a spicy, delicious mixture of bread, shrimp, red pepper, ginger, peanuts, coconut milk, palm oil and onions.

Moreover, Vatapá  refers to creamy paste that is popular in the North and Northeastern parts of the country where Vatapa is eaten with Acaraje (deep fried mashed black-eyed beans formed into a ball). It can also be prepared with white rice, and shrimps can be substituted by other meat like chicken, turkey or other fish like tuna.