Glossary V

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Veado is a Portuguese word for "deer", while Carne de Veado refers to venison, the meat of deer whicc are farmed or caught in the wild.

Vlammetjes refer to spicy Dutch bar snacks or drinking snacks - snacks often serve when drinking in a bar; small fried snacks. Vlammetjes literally means "little flames" in English, referring to the hot chili bite of spring roll-like snacks. Vlammetjes are made with sheets of thin pastry and chillied beef, which are wrapped into little parcels, deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce.
Venkel is the Dutch word for "fennel" Fennel is known for its mild aniseed taste and goes really well with fish dishes. The Dutch have a penchant for anything with an aniseed or liquorice-like taste, like their Drop. Example of Dutch dish using Venkel is Venkel en Ui Soep (Fennel and Onion Soup)
Vareniki refers to Russian dumplings stuffed or filled with berries, curds, potato, and many others like spinach, shrimps, but never with meat like Pelmeny. Varenyky is also spelled or known as Vareniky, Varenyky or Pyrohy.
Visovacka Begavica refers to one of Croatia's specialties which is made of lamb cooked with sour ewe’s milk.

Veldkos is the Afrikaans for "field food" which refers to food gathered in the bush. This includes wild asparagus, greens, waterblommetjies and other indigenous herbs and flowers.