Glossary V

Vert-Pré is the French culinary term referring to a watercress garnish, sometimes including potatoes.

Verenets refer to Russian fermented baked milk. It is a milk delicacy based on baked milk made with almost the same technology, as Ryazhenka. However, Bulgarian or Acidophillian sour-milk bacillus is usually added to the ferment of clear cultures of sour-milk streptococcus. The Acidophilus bacteria which participates in fermentation of wholesome milk possess antibiotic qualities, particularly to suppress tuberculosis bacillus. But unlike the strong medicines, their actions do not cause dangerous side effects. This is what many call "sour-milk natural healing". The Bulgarian bacillus, inserted in the complex ferment of Varenets, normalizes the activity of the digestive system; stimulates the work of the liver and the blood system; protects the organism from food allergy; prevents the development of bacterium and sepsis; and works as a prophylactic means of intestinal disbacteriosis. Aside from its delicious and original taste, Verenets is popular among the people because of its health benefits.

Vareschaga is a Russian dish of pork and pickled beetroot juice, onions, rye bread crumbs and pepper.
Veado is a Portuguese word for "deer", while Carne de Veado refers to venison, the meat of deer whicc are farmed or caught in the wild.

Vlammetjes refer to spicy Dutch bar snacks or drinking snacks - snacks often serve when drinking in a bar; small fried snacks. Vlammetjes literally means "little flames" in English, referring to the hot chili bite of spring roll-like snacks. Vlammetjes are made with sheets of thin pastry and chillied beef, which are wrapped into little parcels, deep fried and served with sweet chili sauce.
Venkel is the Dutch word for "fennel" Fennel is known for its mild aniseed taste and goes really well with fish dishes. The Dutch have a penchant for anything with an aniseed or liquorice-like taste, like their Drop. Example of Dutch dish using Venkel is Venkel en Ui Soep (Fennel and Onion Soup)