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Deutsch: Donut / Español: Rosquilla / Português: Rosquinha / Français: Beignet / Italiano: Ciambella

Donut in the food context refers to a popular sweet, deep-fried pastry known for its distinctive round shape with a hole in the middle. Originating from the United States, donuts have become a beloved treat worldwide, available in various flavors and toppings.

Deutsch: Dynamit / Español: Dinamita / Português: Dinamite / Français: Dynamite / Italiano: Dinamite

Dynamite in the food context refers to a popular Filipino appetizer or snack known for its spicy kick, visually resembling sticks of dynamite, hence the name. This dish consists of whole green chili peppers, such as long green finger chilies (siling haba), that are stuffed with ground meat or cheese, then wrapped in a spring roll wrapper and deep-fried until golden brown. Often served with a vinegar or sweet chili sauce for dipping, Dynamite is a favorite for its crispy exterior, spicy interior, and the creamy, melty filling that contrasts with the heat of the chilies.

Deutsch: Getrocknete Alamang / Español: Alamang seco / Português: Alamang Seco / Français: Alamang séché / Italiano: Alamang essiccato

Dried Alamang in the food context refers to tiny, dried shrimp that are a staple ingredient in many Southeast Asian cuisines, particularly in the Philippines. Alamang is known for its intense flavor, which is both salty and slightly fishy, making it a popular choice for adding depth and umami to various dishes. This ingredient is derived from small shrimp or krill that are salted and then dried under the sun to preserve them.

Deutsch: Drachenfrucht / Español: Fruta del dragón / Português: Fruta do dragão / Français: Fruit du dragon / Italiano: Frutto del drago

Dragon Fruit, in the food context, refers to the fruit of several different cactus species indigenous to the Americas, but now cultivated worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia. The most commonly consumed species is Hylocereus undatus, known for its vibrant pink or yellow skin and speckled, white or red flesh filled with tiny black seeds. The fruit's unique appearance, with its flame-like outer skin, is why it's named "dragon fruit." Its taste is often described as a mildly sweet blend of pear and kiwi.

Deutsch: Dirty Ice Cream / Español: Helado Sucio / Português: Sorvete Sujo / Français: Glace Sale / Italiano: Gelato Sporco

Dirty Ice Cream in the food context refers to a colloquial term used in the Philippines to describe homemade or street-vendor ice cream, not because it is unclean, but because it is made in a less controlled environment compared to commercial ice cream. Despite its name, dirty ice cream is a popular treat among locals and tourists alike, known for its unique flavors, creamy texture, and the traditional way it is served from colorful pushcarts along streets and at local events.

Deutsch: Dalanghita / Español: Dalanghita / Português: Dalanghita / Français: Dalanghita / Italiano: Dalanghita

Dalanghita in the food context refers to a type of citrus fruit that is widely cultivated and consumed in the Philippines. It is similar in appearance and taste to tangerines and mandarins, featuring a sweet and slightly tangy flavor. Dalanghita is known for its bright orange skin, which is thinner than that of oranges, making it easy to peel. The fruit is typically small to medium in size and is segmented, with juicy flesh and few seeds, making it a popular snack and a flavorful ingredient in various dishes and beverages.

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