Glossary D

The food glossary +++ Popular Articles: 'Dilis', 'Depouillage', 'Danggit / Daing na Danggit'
Dop en Dam refers to a drink in South Africa made of brandy and water

Dill pickles refer to large cucumber pickles or picked cucumbers spiced or flavored with dill

Domoda which is also called Mafé is one of the favorite foods from Gambia which is made with chicken, beef or fish variations. Domada means ground nut stew or peanut butter stew made with onions, tomato paste, salt, pepper. Oil is no longer used in the dish as the nuts contain all the oil necessary to flavor the dish. Domoda is served with rice or couscous. Gambia is situated on West Africa's Atlantic coast. It is the smallest and westernmost mainland African nation.

Dahon ng Saging is a Filipino term for "Banana leaf", Dahon means "leaf" and Saging which "Banana". Banana leaves are very abundant in the Philippines as there are many banana plantations all over the country. Dahon ng Saging is used for wrapping sweet delicacies in the Philippines, like Suman and Kakanin , as it imparts a certain flavor to the dishes. It is used as a substitute for plate during traditional feast and used to wrap fish about to be grilled, like Relyenong Bangus (stuffed milkfish).

Drazhe refers to Russian large round candy.

Droblya is the old Russian generic name for small fish

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