Glossary G

The food glossary +++ 'Pinaltok', 'Gatas na Malabnaw', 'Ginisa'
Gyromitres refers to the European mountain mushroom outlawed for sale due to the presence of hydragine, a substance which is toxic if prepared incorrectly.

Gurupina refers to a Spanish dish made of cod stewed with potatoes. Gurupina is a specialty of Granada .

Geldwurz is another German term for turmeric or Kurkuma (Curcuma).

Grépfrút / Grepfrut is the Hungarian word for "Grapefruit", a kind of citrus fruit . Grépfrút is also known in Hungary as Citrancs or Grepp.

Gudgeon refers to a small European fresh-water fish (Gobio gobio) or any of the related fishes, usually used as bait.

Glossary from English to Hindi - Spices and Herbs (Masala) Alkanet Root - Ratan Jot Alum - Fitkari, Phitkari Anise Seed - Choti Saunf, Suwa, Shopa Arrowroot - Paniphal, Tikora Asafoetida - Hing Holy Basil - Tulsi Indian Bay Leaf -Tej Patta Black Cumin - Shahi Jeera, Himali Jeera, Kala Jeera Black Mustard Seeds (Whole) - Rai Black Mustard Seeds (Cracked) - Rai Kuria Black Peppercorn - Kali Mirch Black Rock Salt - Sanchal, Kala Namak Black Cardamom - Bari Elaichi Green Cardamom - Choti Elaichi Carom Seed - Ajwain Cassia - Jangli Dalchini Cayenne Pepper - Lal Mirch Celery Seeds - Ajmud Cilantro - Hara Dhania Patta Citric Acid - Nimboo Phool, Saji na Phool Cinnamon - Dalchini Cloves - Laung, Lavang Coriander Seeds - Dhania Cumin Seeds - Jeera Curry Leaf - Meetha Neem Patta, Kari Patta Dill - Soa Fennel - Moti Saunf, Saunf Dried Fenugreek Leaves - Kasoori Methi Fenugreek Seeds - Methi Daane Garcinia Indica - Kokum Fresh Garlic - Lassun Fresh Ginger Rhizome - Adrak Dried Ginger Rhizome - Saunth Edible Gold Leaf - Sona Varak Gum Katira Sap - Gond Katira Green Chili - Hari Mirch Honey - Shahad Illaichi - Chhoti elaichi Licorice - Mulathi, Jethi-madh Pickling Lime - Paan-Choona Long Pepper - Pippali Pops Lotus Seed - Makhna Jaggery - Gur, Raw Sugar cake (from Sugar cane and Palm) Mace - Javitri Mango Powder - Amchoor, Amchur (Dried tart green Mango Powder) Mustard Seeds - Sarson, Rai Cracked Mustard Seeds - Rai Kuria Mustard Oil - Sarson Tel Nigella - Kalonji Nutmeg - Jaifal Onion - Piyaz Paprika (Kashmiri Paprika) - Degi Mirch Fresh Peppermint - Podina Pomegranate Seeds - Anar-daana Poppy Seeds - Khuskhus Red Chili - Lal Mirch Rose - Gulab Rose Water - Gulab jal Sage - Kamarkas Saffron - Kesar, Zaafraan Salt - Namak Sea Salt - Saindha Namak Sanchal Black Salt - Kala Namak Scallion - Hara Piyaz Screwpine Essence - Kewra Sesame - Til Shallot - Gandana Edible Silver leaf - Chandi Varak Star Anis - Chakraphool Sugar - Chini Sumac - Sumaq Tamarind - Imli Turmeric - Haldi Fresh Turmeric Rhizome - Kachi Haldi Thyme - Ajwain ke Phool Vinegar - Sirka White Pepper - Safed Mirch Live Yeast (Sour Dough) - Khameer Yeast - Samunder Jhag, Cuttle Stone soft rock, Toddy Essence (generic) Khusboo, Attar, Ruh, Ittar Rose Essence - Gulab-Jal Screwpine Essence - Kewra Vetiver Essence - Khas

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