Glossary G

The food glossary +++ 'Pinaltok', 'Ginisa', 'Galunggong'
Gastronom (Gastronome) is a German word that refers to a person who appreciates fine food; a lover of food and wine; a gourmand. Gastronom is also known or called as Feinschmecker, Genießer (Geniesser); Genussmensch.

Germknödel/ Germknoedel refers to a German variety of dumpling made of yeast and filled/stuffed with Pflaumenmus (plum jam) and garnished with melted butter or vanilla sauce . Germknödel are similar to Dampfnudeln except that they are boiled in salted water or steamed over hot water.

Gozleme refers to a Turkish food; a kind of thin börek soaked in syrup or sprinkled with sugar, cooked on a sheet. Gozleme is a soft, thin bread wrap quickly heated on a stone tablet, and is often stuffed with cheese or spinach. Gozleme is one of the street foods in Turkey which is sold cheap in some rural areas, but a bit expensive in the cities.

Galatoboureko refers to a Greek custard-filled dessert made with phyllo topped with a light honey/sugar syrup; a syrup-glazed filo filled with custard This classic Greek sweet features a creamy custard filling, with a touch of orange flavoring, sandwiched between buttery fillo layers, and drenched in a light cinnamon and honey syrup. Custard cake

Gajar is the Indian word for "carrot"

Ghonto refers to a dish from Bangladesh made of finely minced or grounded and lighlty spiced vegetables and cooked with both a Phoron and ground spices.