Glossary G

The food glossary +++ 'Gosari', 'Gizzada', 'Gajar'
Germknoedel also known as Germknödel refers to a yeast dumpling with sour prune jam from Austria and also from Germany.

Glamorgan Sausage refer to Wales cheese dish that is not found elsewhere except in Wales. Glamorgan sausage is not actually a sausage, but a meatless concoction of onion, cheese, bread crumbs, and seasonings which is shaped like sausages, then dipped in bread crumbs, and fried.

Gemischter Aufschnitt vom Wild is the German term referring to "cold cuts of game", referring to sliced assorted cold meats of animals killed in a hunt or meat from wild animals used as food

Gibson refers to a drink that is identical to the Martini, which is made with gin and Vermouth, except that it is garnished with a white cocktail onion. Gibson was named after the illustrator Charles Gibson, the creator of the famous "Gibson Girl."

Glögg -refers to a Swedish spiced-wine punch containing boiled fruit and brandy or Aquavit. Glögg is served hot. Gløgg also refers to Denmark's hot wine drink which is popular in December and cold winter nights. Glögg is made from spiced red wine with raisins and almonds.

Gremolata refers to an Italian preparation of finely chopped lemon or sometimes orange peel , raw garlic and flat-leaf parsley used to cut the riches of braises such as Osso Buco alla Milanese or pork stews. Gremolata is also known as Gremolada.