Glossary G

The food glossary +++ 'Ginisa', 'Galunggong', 'Gulay'
Gagry is Russian for Christening party where food plays a vital role.

Gule Aerter refers to a Danish thick soup made from dried yellow peas.

Gulab Jamun refers to deep-fried cake balls served with aromatic syrups.

Gewurztraminer refers to an excellent white-wine grape that is grown in Germany and California. It is pink and yields a spicy, heavily perfumed, soft wine. "Gewurz" means "spice" in German.

Gammel Ost refers to the distinctive Norwegian cheese which is brown in color and tangy sharp in taste. It is also distinctive in odor and for this reason is always served from its own covered dish.

Goro Wafers refers to Norway's thin dough made of eggs, flour, cream, and vanilla which is cut to fit the patterned Goro iron pan. When the Goro pan's two (2) sides are pressed together, a pattern is baked on, and then it is quickly rolled into crisp tubes while hot. The Goro Wafer is a coffee treat.