Glossary G

Guiso is the Spanish word for "stew".

Gul is "Rose" or "rosewater" in Turkey.

Gula Malacca is a dark brown palm sugar produced from the sugar palm trees in Malaysia.

Gulai is a culinary term in Indonesia and in Malaysia for "in a spicy coconut sauce ". Hence, when the dish has the word "Gulai" it means it is in a spicy coconut sauce.

Gulerod is "Carrot" in Danish.

Guisantes is the Spanish word for "peas". In the Philippines, peas called Guisantes are avaiable in cans. So far, I have not seen fresh peas, if we want to use peas, we buy the canned peas Guisantes is one of the Spanish words being used in the Philippines to refer to peas, too. It can be spelled as Gisantes.