Glossary G

The food glossary +++ 'Gurken', 'Guatemalan Avocado', 'Gaudes'
Gutbürgerliche Küche is the German term which means "Traditional Cooking" or "Traditional Cuisine".

Groentensoep refers to Dutch clear consommé with vegetables , meatballs and vermicelli.
Gebakken Zeetong refers to Dutch fried sole, a kind of fish.It is one of the foods found in the Netherlands.

- Grünkohl (Gruenkohl) : Grünkohl is the German word for Kale or curly Kale. One specialty of the Northern Germany is a dish called made from Kale and Pinkel , groats sausage. Pickled or fermented Kale are available fresh during its season, but is always available in bottles in supermarkets.

Grains of Paradise (Aframomum melegueta) refers to one of the hardest to find spices which is a cross between pepper, ginger, and cardamom in flavor, but none of the three are related to Grains of Paradise. It is a very pungent seeds of a west African plant which taste like a spicy pepper. The plant produces a poppy like pod which contains about 50 of the small seeds that look like brown popcorn kernels. It is best added to to Middle Eastern lamb or eggplant dishes. Grains of Paradise is one of the spice included in Qalat Dakka, a Tunisian spice blend. Grains of Paradise is also known as "Malagueta pepper" or "Guinea grains".

Gromper Keeschelche refer to Luxembourg's deep fried potato pancakes which are delicately spiced with chopped onion and parsley before deep-frying, hence they are very flavorful. However, Gromper Keeschelche which are available at roadside stands are unfortunately a poor substitute for the home cooked ones.