Glossary L

The food glossary +++ Popular Articles: 'Lemon', 'Lime', 'Lamb'
Leher Ayam means "Chicken's Neck" in Indonesian
Lipioshka refers to Kyrgyzstan's round Unleavened bread which are often sold on street corners.

Laghman refers to a noodle soup with mutton and vegetables that was originally imported from Chinese Turkestan. It is one of the national specialties of Kyrgyzstan.

Lethok Son refers Myanmar's spicy vegetable and rice salad. It is one of the popular dishes in Myanmar

Lokhemat is an Oman food made of balls of flour and yeast flavoured with cardamom and deep fried. Lokhemat is served with sweet lime and cardamom syrup

Llopska Salata refers to Bulgarian salad made of
tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and pepper covered with grated white cheese.