Supakanja or Superkanja refers to Okra Stew, one of the best known authentic dishes from Gambia, aside from Domada, benachin, Yassa, etc. Supakanja is traditionally cooked with okra (also known as "lady's fingers", palm oil, smoked fish and lean beef. Shrimps and crabs can also be added to this dish. Supakanja is served with plain boiled rice or Fufu. One of my favorite vegetables is Okra, it is always available fresh in the Philippines and I have to boil them and make a sauce of kalamansi and bagoong (fish paste) to have a nice Okra salad. In native Filipino restaurants, boiled okra is alway in the menu. In Germany, I am not yet lucky enough to find fresh Okra, but I can buy them in cans (salted with some slices of tomatoes) in a nearby Iranian store. I just open the can and eat the okra with freshly cooked white rice.For my next vacation in the Philippines, I will definitely cook this dish as smoked fish crabs and shrimps are also abundant and can always be purchased in the local markets. I am excited to cook this food!. This dish means Okra stew is traditionally cooked with 'lady's fingers', palm oil, smoked fish & beef and served with rice or Fufu. Cooking Ingredients: 1. 2lbs of lean beef 2. 1lb smoked fish 3. 2 cups palm oil 4. 2lbs cut okra 5. 1/4tsp of baking powder 6. 2 large onions chopped 7. 8 cups water 8. Salt and pepper to taste Cooking Method: 1. Wash and cut meat into bite size pieces. 2. In a large pan, boil fish and meat in water for 15 minutes, then remove the fish. 3. Add onions, salt, pepper and okras. 4. Simmer for 15 minutes and then add palm oil. 5. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes stirring occasionally. 6. Add fish and continue simmering in low heat for 10 minutes. Note: shrimps and crabs can also be added to this dish. Serve with plain boiled rice or Fufu.

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