Glossary C

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Char siu pau refers to Macau's steamed buns which are stuffed with pork
Cent’erbe refers to the most powerful of all Italian liqueurs.

Crescia sfogliata refers to a baked bread-like dish dressed with local ham and homegrown vegetables that originated from Urbano, Italy
Coconut chutney is referring to a common South Indian side-dish that is served as an accompaniment to dosa, Idli and other south Indian pancakes.
Coconut Chutney is made with finely

Chena poda refers to a golden brown colored dessert popular in Orissa, India. It is made with fresh soft chena (paneer) filled with dry fruits, dipped in Sugar syrup and baked.

Chumchum refers to the favourite oval shaped sweet of the Bengalis. It is brownish in color and of a denser texture than the rasgulla. It is made from milk, granules of Mawa or dried

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