Glossary N

The food glossary +++ 'Nata de Coco', 'Neyyappam', 'Nom Banh Chok'
Nacatamales like regular tamales but wrapped in a banana leaf, and larger – a specialty of the central areas of Mexico. Nacatamales also refer to one of Honduras Christmas foods which are like the Mexican Tamales, but are larger and moister with a more gelatinous dough and are wrapped in banana leaves.

Nyama Choma which literally means roasted meat or barbecued shish kebab of goat's meat is one of Kenya’s best-known specialties that is usually served with a spicy tomato relish. Nyama Choma is a popular food to offer guests In Kenya. Once a guest pick the part that he or she prefers, the meat is roasted and served in bite-sized pieces and served with Ugali or curried stew.

Nsaamè refers to Mali's rice dish with meat and vegetables . Nsaamè is usually prepared to celebrate life-cycle rituals, such as, naming ceremonies, weddings) and other ceremonial and festive events. Nsaamè is also known as Riz au Gras.

Nomiya is another name of Izakaya which refer to Japanese drinking establishment which offer a wide range of foods from soups to sushi to skewered pieces of chicken known as Yakitori .

Nincak Endog refers to an egg breaking ceremony in Sudan wedding that requires the couple to stand facing each other in front of their house. The bridegroom stands outside the entrance and the bride stands inside. The ceremony is conducted by the Sudanese equivalent of an American 'maid of honor', who remains an advisor throughout the marriage. In Nincak Endog, seven (7) broomsticks are burnt and thrown away, dramatizing the discarding of bad habits which endanger married life. The groom is pronounced master of his house when the egg is broken. His bride cleans the his foot with water from a Kendi, an earthen water jug which represents peace. Then she breaks the Kendi and crosses over a log into the house, demonstrating willing obedience to her future husband. She is fed a dish of turmeric sticky rice with yellow spiced chicken to symbolize the last time the parents of the bride will feed their daughter.

Nasi Ulam refers to one of Indonesia's rice dishes made with rice with vegetables and peanut sauce .