Glossary O

The food glossary +++ 'Oignon pique', 'Oignon brule', 'Okra'
Oscypek refers to one of the Polish regional delicacy. Oscypek is the best-known Polish cheese , produced in the mountains from ewe's milk usually served as an appetizer. Other Polish appetizers are bread and dripping or Baltic herring in cream.

Ogbolo is another name for Ogbono, seed of a wild bush mango plant called Dika or the African-mango used in preparing a protein rich delicacy called Ogbono Soup. Ogbolo is also called Etima Seed .

Obe Ata refers to a Nigerian meat or fish pepper soup that is eaten with a wide variety of side dishes. Like with all West African soups, it is most commonly eaten with Fufu . Obe Ata or Pepper soup is made by boiling ground tomatoes, ground pepper, meat or fish, meat broth or fish broth, onions, vegetable oil or palm oil, and other spices.

Omo Tuo refers to Ghana's food of tenderly cooked rice that is moulded into balls (baseball-size) which is eaten with palm nut soup or groundnut paste soup. Omo Tuo simply means rice balls in Ghana.

Oladi refers to Russian breakfast food or dessert which is almost the same as Blinis (pancakes), but thicker and more hearty. Oladi is served with soured cream, honey or jam.

Offertje refers to a Dutch dessert/snacks made of small dough balls fried and dusted with powdered sugar.