Glossary O

The food glossary +++ 'Oignon pique', 'Oignon brule', 'Okra'
Oksekjott is theNorwegian word which means "beef".

Olivada refers to a popular olive spread in Italy which is made with pureed black olives, olive oil and black pepper.

Onaga is the Japanese word for "Red Snapper". It is called Ula' ula in Hawaiian. It is a tender, moist fish that is especially popular for making sushi for New Year celebrations and weddings.

Ou is the Romanian term for "Egg".

Oxford and Cambridge Pudding refers to an apricot tart that is covered with meringue . As the name implies, this pudding is an English dessert.

Oenology is the science of winemaking; a scientific study of wine which practised by a generally qualified Oenologist.