Alimasag is the Filipino term for a blue crab; spotted medium sized crab. Most Filipino household usually just cook Alimasag in its own juice with the help of little water and a bit of salt. This cooking method is called “Halabos” in Filipino. Halabos is a simple cooking method wherein seafood such as crabs,, mussels, shells and shrimps are directly placed in an empty hot pan and cooked with their own juices. A little water and salt can also be added depending on your preference. Cooking these crabs using this method brought out its natural sweet taste that is often over powered by other ingredients when cook some other ways. Other well known Filipino dishes using Alimasag (Crabs) are Tortang Alimasag (Crab Omelette) and Ginataang Alimasag (Crab in Coconut Milk)
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