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Grains of Paradise (Aframomum melegueta) refers to one of the hardest to find spices which is a cross between pepper, ginger, and cardamom in flavor, but none of the three are related to Grains of Paradise. It is a very pungent seeds of a west African plant which taste like a spicy pepper. The plant produces a poppy like pod which contains about 50 of the small seeds that look like brown popcorn kernels. It is best added to to Middle Eastern lamb or eggplant dishes. Grains of Paradise is one of the spice included in Qalat Dakka, a Tunisian spice blend. Grains of Paradise is also known as "Malagueta pepper" or "Guinea grains".

Gromper Keeschelche refer to Luxembourg's deep fried potato pancakes which are delicately spiced with chopped onion and parsley before deep-frying, hence they are very flavorful. However, Gromper Keeschelche which are available at roadside stands are unfortunately a poor substitute for the home cooked ones.

Ghonto refers to a dish from Bangladesh made of finely minced or grounded and lighlty spiced vegetables and cooked with both a Phoron and ground spices.

Giuveche refers to a Bulgarian dish which is also cooked and served in a hot pot which contains meat or sausages, vegetables, cheese and eggs. Giuveche takes a long time to cook and not for those people who are too hungry, unless they are willing to wait.

Garash refers to a Bulgarian walnut cake with cream and bitter chocolate frosting, and then covered with chocolate icing.

Gappal refers to soured milk from Burkina Faso which is It is one of the popular drinks in the country. Other locally-prepared drinks in Burkina Faso are liquor, soured milk called Gappal and juices made from different fruits and local ingredients available in the country like the tamarind, ginger, bissap leaves. While tea play an important role in the northern and western part of the country.

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