Glossary P

The food glossary +++ 'Pincage', 'Pallang', 'Pancit'
Phlaa kung refers to a Thai dish made with large sea prawns. To prepare this dish, the large sea prawns are grilled until the meat begins to turn white, then shelled, set on a platter

Patligan is an Armenian word for Aubergine or eggplant.

Piroshki refers to a small Russian meat pies, like empanadas which can be eaten for lunch or snacks.

Pork spareribs refers to a variety or kind of dim sum of marinated spareribs cut into bite-size pieces which are either steamed (seejup pai gwut) or glazed and barbequed (siu pai gwut

Pierre Blot refers to a nineteenth century French chef who traveled to the United States and opened the first French cooking school in New York

Paklava refers to a very sweet Armenian dessert made of layers of flaky pastry filled with a mixture of ground nuts and sugar.