Glossary P

The food glossary +++ 'Pincage', 'Pallang', 'Pancit'
Pasterma refers to Armenian beef jerky or dried spiced beef.

Plaki refers to Armenian term meaning cooked with olive oil and assorted vegetables .

Pot-au-feu refers to French dish of boiled beef, vegetables and beef broth, although there are many variations.

Peperoncino refers to the red chili pepper that is also known to the people of Abruzzo as diavolino, or little devil.

Parrozzo is referring to a famous local dessert of Abruzzo. It is a soft cake made with flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and almonds, covered with chocolate. It was a favorite of the poet

Pasanda kabab refers to a kind of kabab from Uttar Pradesh, India.