Glossary P

The food glossary +++ 'Pesce persico', 'Pettine', 'Pata Tim'
Panghimagas is the Filipino word for "Dessert", a sweets taken after meals. Examples are minatamis na saging, ube, Leche flan, garbazos, fresh ripe fruits like, banana, papaya, etc.

Pommes chateau refers to potatoes which are cut in olive shapes or sometimes strips and stewed in butter. It is often used as a garnish for grilled chateaubriand steak.

Pugo is a Filipino term for quail

Pide refers to a flattened, oval bread that is served plain or meat-filled. It is called the "Turkish pizza"

Pauy gug is a Thai word for star anise

Star anise which is one of the components of Chinese Five spice refers to a classic Chinese spice which is used to cook Thai dishes, particularly in Thai soups.It can also serve as a garnishing when the whole seed pod is used rather than the ground anise.

Peria is Bahasia Malaysian word for bitter gourd.

Bitter gours is Fu kwa in Chinese and in Tamil it is known as Pavakkai