Glossary S

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Stubica refers to Croatian dish . It is a pork fillet stuffed with prunes in cream and plum brandy sauce . Stubica is a dish from Donja Stubic, a town northeast of Zagreb that was founded in 1209 when Croatia and Hungary were united. Traditionally, it is a loin of pork stuffed with prunes and baked in a sauce of Slivovitz (plum brandy), stock, wine and cream. However today’s pork is leaner than it once was, so this version transforms the ingredients into a stew.

Sno-Ball refers to New Orleans shaved ice which is shaved to have a near-powder consistency and then served with flavored syrups.

Smokes mean "Cigarettes" in South Africa.

Sopa de Huitlacoche refers to corn fungus soup, a Mexican delicacy.

Solianka which is also known as Solyanka refers to the Russian meat soup made of various ingredients like, cucumber or gherkins, mushrooms, onions and olives, and many other vegetables . Similar to another Russian soup called Rassolnik, Solianka is made on the base of pickle and needs capers, lemons, olives and mushrooms and different kinds of meat. This is a traditional Russian soup that is served as a meal by itself. It is usually served with a garnishing of fresh lemon slices and sour cream, and Vodka. In Lativa, it is a fish soup, usually made from sturgeon fish. Solianka or Solyanka is also called Salianka .

Salianka refers to meat and vegetable soup from Russia. Sauerkraut , frankfurters sausages, onions, mushrooms are all in a big pot to be able to come out with this delicious meat and vegetable soup. Salianka is one of the best known soups in Russia, aside from the best known soups, such as Borsh and Sschi. Salianka is also called Solianka or Solyanka