Glossary Z

The food glossary +++ 'Zarzamora', 'Zucchina', 'Zaatar'
Zachte eiren is a term in the Netherlands which means "soft-boiled eggs"

Zádélávané Drstky refers to a Czechoslovakian dish which is made of thin strips of parboiled tripe that are sautéed in butter together with chopped onions and garlic: Flour is added to make a roux , then stock with chopped ham and parsley and all simmered until cooked.

Zalm is the Netherlands term for "Salmon", a kind of fish

Zhi ma yoo refers to Chinese dark colored sesame seed oil

Zoe refers to Ghanas' small round snacks which is about the size of a golf ball made from corn meal mixed with peanut butter, ginger and hot pepper.

Zebeda refers to a sour fresh butter in Morocco; a cooking fat used to flavor Morocco's dishes.