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Hawajat refers to a very common spice used in Yemen which a mixture of turmeric, black pepper, cumin, coriander and cardamom. Hawajat is added to almost all kinds of Yemeni dishes. "The Yemenite cuisine is simple, even austere, and low in fat with flavors coming not from fat or sugar (there is relatively little meat or dairy, and few sweets) but from abundant spicing.

Hungaricums refers to those unique Hungarian products, specialties, and many others which you can not find anywhere else in the world except in Hungary examples of Hungaricums are hungarian paprika and pick salami

Harelka is the Belarussian name of Vodka. Harelka was traditionally made in Belarus from rye malt, but nowadays it is also produced from grains or potatoes. The most popular type of Harelka is Pertsivka which is an 80% proof Vodka that is sold with spicy peppers in the bottle, which are said to make it even more spicy. Flavored Vodkas which are also available in Belarus are fruit Nalyvkas, such as the raspberry malynivka, strawberry tertukha, gooseberry agrusivka, plum slyvyanka, cranberry kalynivka, lemon tsytrynivka and vyshnivka, which is made from cherries. They usually mature for a few months after which the fruit content is separated from the alcohol and the drink can be bottled. The best known brands of Vodka in Belarus include: Akvadiv, Belaya Rus, Charodei, Kristall, Leader, Minskaya Kristall Vodka, Old Warrior, Dva Busly and Vodoley. Home-distilled Vodkas are also produced in the country, namely Moonshine and Samyhon.

Hyldeblomstsaft refers to one of the most popular softdrinks in Denmark. Hyldeblomstsaft is made from concentrated and sweetened elderflower extract. In wintertime, it is usually served hot or added to typical Scandinavian mulled wine, called Glogg. With its characteristic sour and tart aftertaste, it is a great refreshing beverage, often mixed with other soft drinks and liqueurs. Hyldeblomstsaft is known in other countries as Elderflower Juice.

Hembränt is a common name for Finland's home-distilled spirits that are usually made from potatoes or sugar. Production of Hembrant is illegal, but it is still very popular and produced in many households, especially in Finland's countryside. It has a characteristic strong smell due to the high alcohol content of up to 90%. Hembränt is known in Russian as Samogon and is also called Pontikka (owing this name to the cheap and poor-quality French wine from Pontacq), Skogsstjärnan (forest star), Tuliliemi (fire sauce ), Kotipolttoinen (home burnt) or Chateau de Garage.

Haringhuis Dutch word which literally means "herring house", refers to a fish stalls where green (raw) herrings with chopped onions are sold at the start of Herring season annully in June. The word to look out is "Hollandse Nieuw". Available also at Haringhaus are snacks of baked fish, smoked eel and seafood salad which can be takenaway.

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