Bulgogi refers to Korean's quintessential food made of marinated and grilled beef . Beef is sliced thinly then marinated in seasoning before being grilled. The marinade includes pear juice or sugar, soy sauce, minced garlic, diced green onion, sesame oil.

Picture below is the Bulgogi in one of the Korean Restaurants in Bremen, Germany.


Bulgogi is a popular Korean dish made of thinly sliced beef marinated in a blend of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and other seasonings. The meat is typically grilled or cooked on a stovetop, resulting in a tender and flavorful dish. Bulgogi is known for its savory-sweet taste and is often served with rice and a variety of side dishes.

The marinade for Bulgogi typically includes ingredients like pear, onion, and ginger, which help tenderize the meat and add depth of flavor. The dish can be easily customized with different spices and seasonings to suit individual preferences. Bulgogi is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on its own, in lettuce wraps, or as part of a stir-fry.

Due to its delicious flavor and ease of preparation, Bulgogi has gained popularity around the world and is a favorite dish among fans of Korean cuisine. It is a great option for a satisfying and satisfying meal that is sure to please a crowd.

Application Areas

  • Restaurants serving Korean cuisine
  • Home-cooking for family meals
  • Food trucks specializing in international dishes
  • Catering for events and parties
  • Asian fusion restaurants incorporating Korean flavors

Treatment and Risks

  • Cooking Bulgogi thoroughly helps reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses from raw meat
  • Marinating the meat properly can help enhance the flavor and tenderness of the dish
  • Be cautious of cross-contamination when handling raw meat and marinade ingredients
  • Store leftover Bulgogi in airtight containers in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage


  • Bulgogi served with steamed rice and kimchi
  • Bulgogi lettuce wraps with ssamjang sauce
  • Bulgogi stir-fry with vegetables and noodles
  • Bulgogi sliders with pickled radish
  • Bulgogi bibimbap topped with a fried egg

Similar Concepts and Synonyms

  • Korean BBQ
  • Grilled marinated beef
  • Beef bulgogi
  • Korean beef stir-fry
  • Galbi-marinated beef


Bulgogi is a traditional Korean dish made of thinly sliced beef marinated in a sweet and savory sauce, typically grilled or cooked on a stovetop. With its delicious flavor and versatility, Bulgogi has become a favorite dish among fans of Korean cuisine worldwide.


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