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The food glossary +++ 'Nilagang mais', 'Nispola', 'Nsaamè'

Nabemono refers to a Japanese stew, usually  containing fish or chicken.

Nouilles is the French word for "Noodles" or Pasta made into several French dishes like Nouilles sautees au Poulet, Nouilles sautees au Poulet et Legumes, Nouilles sautees aux Crevettes, Nouille Chinoises (Chinese Noodles) etc.


Napfschneken is the German word for Limpets , a kind of edible seashells. It can be eaten raw or grilled and serve with savory sauce .

Limpets are called Opihi in Hawaii, where Opihi is a cultural treasure.

Nappe is the French word for "tablecloth".

Nam Soop means "Basic Chicken Stock" in Thai. It can be used in cooking wonton or other noodle soups and dishes that requires chicken stock as an ingredient. A delicious chicken stock makes a difference in cooking any delicious kind of soup, whether it is with wonton or noodles.

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