Adobo refers to the generic name for dishes stewed or cooked with its basic ingredients: vinegar, soy sauce and garlic. Adobo dish can be made from pork, chicken, seafoods and vegetables or a mix of both pork and chicken.

Moreover, Adobo is a cooking method in the Philippines that includes ingredients, such as vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, pepper and bay leaf. Adobo is usually called the National dish of the Philippines. Examples of Vegetable Adobo are. Adobong Sitaw (Stringbeans), Adobong Talong (Eggplant), Adobong Kanglong (Water Spinach). The word Adobo is from the Spanish Adobo which means seasoning or marinade In Spanish , an Adobo is a marinade or seasoning mix. Meat that has been seasoned with Adobo mix is described as being Adobada. When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines, they saw a the local people cooking process that involved the use of vinegar. They referred to it as "Adobo", hence eventually even Filipinos began using the term. Examples of Adobo dishes in the Philippines are: Adobong Pusit - squids cooked Adobo-style. Squids are stwede in a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, and garlic until tender. Pusit is the Filipino word for Squid Adobong Baboy - is Adobo made from Pork Adobong Manok is Adobo made of Chicken pieces Adobong Tahong - Mussels meat cooked Adobo style. I never tasted this one yet. Adobong Galungong - Shad mackarel called Galungong in the Philippines cooked Adobo way Adobong Mani - are fried peanuts cooked Adobo style with lots of garlic Adobong Atay (Chicken and Pork liver) - Liver of chicken or Pork cooked the Adobo way. The most popular Vegetable Adobo is Adobong Kangkong .

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