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The food glossary +++ 'Ensalada Payesa', 'Estouffade', 'Etouffer'
Espetos de Sardinas or spitted sardines is one of the foods typical of Malaga. Espetos de Sardinas are prepared by skewering sardines on canes that are stuck upright in the sand next to a fire, but without letting either the smoke or flame touch the fish.

Eiskraut (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) is the German term for "ice plant/common iceplant", a green leafy vegetable often used as salad in Germany. Eiskraut is also known as Kristallkraut, Eispflanze or Eisblume.

English trifle refers to a refrigerator cake of sliced sponge jelly roll with Madeira wine and custard dressing.

en Papillote is a French culinary term which refers to a method in cooking food inside of a pouch or parcel, and it steams the contents.

Eu Char Koay refers to Chinese cruller or fried dough which is one of the hawkers food found in Penang and one of Penang's common foods. Eu Char Koay is simply made from unsweetened dough made from flour and yeast shaped into long twin strips and deep fried until it is fluffy and golden brown. Eu Char Koay is best eaten when it is still hot and crispy. It can be served with Moey or Rice Congee/Porridge or Bak Kut Teh. For breakfast, Eu Char Koay is usually dunked in coffee. Penang is a state of Malaysia which foods are said to be the best in the country.

Erik is the Turkish word for "Plum "; a sour green plum and described to be very crunchy and very sour. In Turkey, Erik is available with seed or seedless variety. Erik can be served as a cheap snack.

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